Helt History

Helt history is long, and rife with struggle. Helt mainland, for which the planet is named, is the crossroads of trade and culture. Helt is home to the Hall of Archives, the history keepers and elder members of the United Force Council which is in Seid, The seat of religion and learning.

Helt is divided into culturally diverse continents:

Bernion (North and South)
Originally two rival peoples, Bernion conquored the north, and their people mixed, creating a warrior race of humans, anciently famous for wyvern-riding, and expertise with horses. Traditionally the enemy of Helt.

The home to the ancient Druids and record-keepers of Helt, after they were driven out by the first Great War of the Light. The children of the Celestials call this home, and their decedants include Alaryan( Pure, Kyrie, Val’Kyrie, and Celestial), and Cabraithian (Shape-shifters able to shift only into one creature, and sorted into castes based on creature). Ancient dragons were said to roost in the mountains of north Cabraithia, though numerous expeditions have failed to produce proof.

Home to a stronger breed of humans, the once barbaric Hebredonians were originally banished to the island to maintain their bloodthirsty nature. After swelling in number the Hebredonians nearly conquered Helt, until they were driven back by Jeod Lightbringer, and subsequently cursed to suffer a tenth of their typical fertility rate. The Hebredonians are a powerful race still, and they have retained their pride, though they usually have sided with Helt in the past if there is a conflict. Hebredonian men are usually brutes of large size and strength, though not always. Curiously, Hebredonian women typically are smaller, more petite, though still as strong in will and nature. Culturally, societies and religions that stress chastity warn against Hebredonian women.

The mainland of the planet and crossroads for all races and trades. Plentiful with almost all desirable resources, and home to almost all the races found in the galaxy, Helt also is the ancient origin site for most religions.

The continent to the east of Helt, typically the ally of Helt in any conflict. Keladon is the home of many of the great heroes, or so it claims, and for many generations the wealtiest of the countries. Keladon is very tradition-centered, which is evident in the RedSet company which prides itself in producing wood and steel products by hand.

The wild lands. Unexplored, cursed, and unconquerable, Ehlonna is home to the Drixl, and many uncatalogued predators. No outside explorer has returned without being welcomed first. Those who have returned do not return the same and report a hellish environment of constant danger and the feeling of being cursed.

The Sea Kingdom
The great palaces of the underwater realm, almost completely unseen by eyes other than Altarin.
They are located in the ocean south of Cabraithia.

The Island where Rethan Lightbringer retired and built his great library. Shabregard is perpetually surrounded by storms, and is nearly impossible to enter if you do not know the way.
It is rumored to be a place of great religious, ancient importance, though now forgotten.

Helt History

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