Ercedia Chapter 4: Inheritance (Brotherhood of Piracy Part II)

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Thousands of years after the fall of the Directive, Humanity has found a new peace. Under the rule of the merciful Halcyon since the peace treaty a year ago, Helt is adjusting to not having to fight anymore. Some dissidents remain, fearful voices who claim the Directive has returned, the the United Forces is still corrupt, but such voices are slowly fading. All that remains is an era of peace and prosperity under the careful guidance of the Halcyon Empire.

(Bloodlines 3.2 — part 37)
Ercedia Chapter 3: Brotherhood of Piracy

The United Forces has revealed the truth: The Brotherhood of Ercedia are terrorists and the source behind the Directive. With the Halcyon Civil War and vanishing of the Correlion, there is nothing to stand in the way of a unified galaxy, and an age of peace under the new utopian order. The darkness closing in is an illusion, and if you ignore it, it will just go away…

Shortly after the Directive downfall and the UF cover-up, the newly appointed United Chairman Zane named the Brotherhood outlaws once again. Now twenty-five years after the Second Indoctrination War, With corruption rampant and and United Chairman Zane more power-hungry than ever, is there any hope for Helt, or the struggling Brotherhood of Ercedia? Maven thinks their chances rest in part with Captain Northwinter and the stalwart crew of the Black Flag.

(Canonized after Bloodlines: Midwinter Flux; Next: Ercedia: Brotherhood of Piracy – Part II;
Chronologically after Ercedian Rise; before Dark Convergence;
Bloodlines Part 28.)
Ercedia Chapter 2 : Ercedian Rise

Decades have passed since the United Forces claimed victory over the infamous Directive, restored peace and economic balance, and brought a new age of cooperation.
In the shadow of the new United Empire, a long game is being revealed and darkness is taking root in the leadership. When the enemy finally shows his face, will the Guardians be able to discover the truth and restore peace, or will it simply become a battle for survival?

(Canonized after Ascendant Echelon; Next: Flux;
Chronologically after Brotherhood of Ercedia; before Brotherhood of Piracy;
Bloodlines Part 26.)

Ercedia Chapter 1:
Roughly fifty years after the Indoctrination War, tensions have risen between the three factions once again. As the Directive pushes for open war and the Brotherhood of Ercedia works to maintain balance, something lurks unseen, casting dark shadows across the galaxy…

(Canonized after Heroes End; Next in Canon: Ascendant Echelon;
Chronologically preceeding Ercedian Rise; after Ercedian Origins;
Bloodlines Part 24.)

Brotherhood of Ercedia

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